Kevin Sprouls’ (Wall Street Journal) ‘Hedcuts’

camel hedcut (WSJ)

camel hedcut (WSJ)

Carl Reiner Hedcut

Carl Reiner hedcut (WSJ)

I’ve long been fascinated by the WSJ’s occasional head shots. I figured, given their precision and quality that they were individually hand-rendered in some manner. I was correct and today, I learned something more about the distinctive art and the originator’s impressive dedication to the creation of these images.

This background article explains that creator Kevin Sprouls introduced the technique around 1979 at the Journal and over the years was involved in training and directing as many as six artists in the daily creation of these images. Kevin has a blog and this post gives a short-hand explanation of his step-by-step process.

Here’s a nice history of the process at the WSJ and the artists who have taken up and sustained the craft of creating them.

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