Fresh Meat

Wow, been awhile – I know. I love new posts as much as the next person but man, getting to it can be a lot of work. The ‘new post’ is like fresh meat to the wild cat that’s in all of us blog readers.tiger Lately, I’ve been searching for an improved ‘gallery’ tool within WP (WordPress).  Am looking currently for a better display method (plugin) for my gallery of printed sample photos.  Friend Ryan Sorgnard has pointed me at a nice review of ‘repsonsive image galleries‘ – you see it’s good to have an informed understanding of even the proper name of something when you’re trying to accomplish an intelligent (or semi-intelligent in this case) search for something. So, watch for an improved gallery of photos (and by the way – those awesome photos don’t happen by themselves and it’s not me shooting them with my iPhone, good as that device is – they are the handi-work of Tad Craig, photographer).

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