Press Arrives Its Destination Safely (re-post)

(I’ll be re-posting several of my old ‘blogspot/ entries … as it is content I don’t want to lose.)
When it comes to moving things – my friend Jerry is the best choice. He’s a good thinker, good risk assessor, still has most of his limbs and most importantly  – he usually says yes when I ask for help.

We started Saturday morning with pancakes at my house, then drove our Ryder truck with the 2,000 lb lift gate over to LarkPress to pick up ‘Red’. I won’t go into the all the details of trying to get a 1,050 lb object onto the lift gate (which had, in my judgement, a bit too steep a transition incline). Suffice it to say – there were some challenges and we would probably still be there ‘shuving’ without the welcome assistance of a commercial painter (read ‘angel’) who was working on the building next door.

Our litte red press is a Chandler & Price 8 x 12 – also affectionately known in the trade as a C&P 8 x 12.  One of the bonuses of a new craft (not sure where craft leaves off and technology begins) is that you get to acquire a whole new vocabulary. While I’m working on repairing or replacing the 1/4 hp variable speed motor, I also need to order some trucks (that go on either side of the inking rollers), some tympan parchment, a handful of guage pins, two qouins and qouin key to secure the bed to the chase. And like that.

Chandler & Price 8 x 12 (safely in its new home)

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