mac mini (version 2013)

The old Dell Inspiron DT, purchased in spring of 2008 (for $399) and trapped in the fog of (admittedly non-updated Service Packs) Windows Vista OS – has been showing signs of wear/tear. It’s time to let it go to a better place – especially as it’s absorbed more than its share of my cursing about Vista and Microsoft in general.

mac mini ($599)

mac mini

So, we took another small bite out of the Apple and bought a Mac Mini (i5 processor, 500 GByte drive) and connected it to our existing Samsung HD monitor. It’s a pretty nice solution. But first there was the initial challenge of finding (Apple Store in Tacoma) the DVI to HDMI converter, which at $29 was a superior alternative to the Radio Shack hack assembly costing $69.

Next problem to solve is how to get my Creative Suite 6 (for Illustrator layout work for the letterpress) onto this little device as the mini is no longer configured with a built-in optical drive and won’t acknowledge my non-Apple LG drive. I don’t really have a convenient opportunity for utilizing the wireless ‘Remote Disc’ utility to read a shared optical drive. Looking therefore like we must buy the USB Superdrive from Apple which stings a little for obvious reason.

Still, it’s rather amazing to me that with this solution you bring a full Mac experience (including a nice 2.5 GHz dual-core Intel i5 processor, 4 GByte RAM and a more than adequate 500 GB drive)┬áto your work space for $599. Not to misrepresent the costs- there’s also, though optional, the $69 bluetooth keyboard and $150 for Apple

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