How We Learn

Fortunately there are a lot of ways to learn something; which is good, because this way – nobody is left out. There’s a ‘way’ for almost every style. In my case, I learn a great deal by reading and talking to people. I remember once (college days), when I wanted to learn to rappel (or abseil) and didn’t have the
time or means to take a proper course of instruction – so, by reading a French mountaineering guide (Gaston Rebuffat) I taught myself to rappel down from a strong set of rafters about 75 feet above the ground in a lumber warehouse. Perhaps not the best approach, but I did it carefully and it worked – I learned. When I bought my press from Jean at Lark Press, and she offered to loan me a book about letterpress – I of course jumped at the offer and read it cover to cover twice. And in so doing, learned the essentials about how to operate and maintain a letterpress. Conversations with experienced printers and suppliers filled out my understanding of how to get started.  

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