What’s Under the Hood?

Well, this is where it get’s interesting (for me, anyway). It’s WordPress under the hood. I’ve built lots of static (and a couple dynamic) sites in the past but never a ‘socialized’ site. So, this is new territory. A socialized site is one that features a blog-engine and facility for linking to as many SM (social media) outposts as you wish, while also giving the developer full ability to build out a navigable site with whatever collection of pages is needed.

I looked at other blog-powered site platforms (moveable type, type pad, drupal) but I liked the fact that WordPress was open source which, in simple terms, means it’s driven by a community of volunteers and good-spirited do-gooders who maintain and improve the code and the supporting documentation. That documentation has been a swell help for a guy like me who knows html/scripting but hasn’t a clue about putting together a site like this.  There’s a lot we’ll be doing with this in the weeks ahead … but in the meantime – yah WordPress !

New & Improved

This weekend is going to see some exciting new content here (better than the old blogspot blog). I’ve got lots in mind … and I think you’ll enjoy what we get done – so – stand by for more good letterpress stuff (and yes, you can overuse the word ‘New’ – I’ll stop now).